In Lieu of Flowers Requests

Consider arranging an ‘in lieu of flowers’ funeral or memorial giving.  Your funeral director will be able to guide you through this process, but here are our suggested steps.

  1. Let your funeral director know that you would like to arrange donations to EPC in lieu of flowers. They will then contact us if they need more donation envelopes.
  2. Include this in the funeral notice and include EPC’s website address (www.epc.asn.au) in it. This takes the pressure off guests at the funeral or memorial to remember to take a donation envelope as they can simply do it online. This also provides a way for people to express their condolences, without inundating the family with flowers.
  3. Place the request in the service booklet. Suggested text might be:
    The family asks you to consider making a donation to Eastern Palliative Care (EPC) in lieu of flowers in honour of XX. You can collect a reply paid donation envelope from (XXX Church) and insert it into the box (where located) or post it to EPC. You can also donate online
    www.epc.asn.au – just click the heart on the home page.  Please acknowledge “the person’s name” as the reason for your donation as EPC will inform the family of those who made donations in a few weeks’ time.  Thank you for your donation.
  4. If appropriate, remind guests during the service. Some guests don’t see the donation envelopes on the way in and a reminder they are there and how to return them is helpful.  Ideally they should be completed and collected on the day of the service so it’s important to remind guests to put the envelope in the box before they leave. Explaining that donations can be made on our website can also be done during the service.
  5. We ask that all donation envelopes are delivered by hand to our office in Mitcham unopened. We will send a receipt and thank you letter to each donor for the amount they have gifted.
  6. Around a month after the service we will send the primary care giver a letter informing them of how many people donated and the final amount. We will not state the individual amounts received.  We provide the total combined figure from payments made via our website and via donation envelopes.
  7. We will also thank you in the EPC newsletter.

If you’d like to discuss this further please contact: fundraising@epc.asn.au or phone 1300 130 813.


Online In Memoriam

Create your personal ‘In Memoriam’ page to remember someone special and fundraise for EPC in their memory. Creating a page to honour the life of someone special gives your community a place to pass on messages and the opportunity to support a cause that is meaningful to the family.

To create your page click on the link below and follow the prompts. Once the page is created you will have a link to share. This can be shared online, and in your funeral notice or booklet. It will also be displayed on EPC’s main donation page.

Create your In Memoriam page here

If you request donations to EPC in memory of your loved one, we will send you monthly letters to inform you of any new donations in their honour. We will let you know who made a gift and the total combined amount of any gifts made that month.

If you have any questions we are here to help.  Contact us at fundraising@epc.asn.au



EPC is a registered as a not for profit organisation on Facebook. We can be selected as the receiving charity if you add a donate button to your facebook post or organise a personal fundraising event.  Asking friends to donate in lieu of birthday presents is a popular choice.