Relax and let me drive

Many of our clients and their families are exhausted by the endless amount of medical appointments they are required to attend.  Paying for taxis is expensive and public transport is often out of the question – given how frail our clients can be.

This is where our volunteers can assist.  They will pick up clients or their carers from home and drive them to their medical appointments and back home again.  Our volunteer drivers need to be sensitive, patient and unflappable.

If you are someone who enjoys driving, chatting and wants to make a significant difference to someone else’s illness journey then this could be the role for you.

NB: Petrol reimbursement is available for this role and clients are asked to pay for parking costs.

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  • Transport Testimonials

    A young parent caring for her son and her elderly mother had no way to get to her own medical appointment at the hospital. One of the volunteer drivers arrived to drive her there and home again. On the way home, she was so relaxed and reassured in the volunteer’s company, she fell asleep. It’s the little things that bring life. An EPC client said she was delighted with the help her volunteer gave her in driving her to medical appointments – ‘He is so kind.’ The thing that she was most thrilled about was that she finally got to ride in a Jaguar. She would have had no acccess to this treat ordinarily and was so excited that she told all her friends. ‘It has been my privelage to have the services of one of your volunteer drivers recently and I wish to express my thanks and my admiration of the service and the individual drivers. I am sure there are many clients of EPC for whom this service makes their lives so much easier and as one I thank you all.’

    EPC Client
  • Smilemakers Testimonials

    On receiving her Hugmakers rug she was so touched she started crying and said, ‘Noone has ever done this for me before and it is my favourite colours

    EPC Staff member