The conversation about death is not an easy one to have, and most of us live every day without even acknowledging this part of life.

We are offering community groups and organisations a FREE EPC ‘Let’s Talk’ session.  We want to make strong links into our community so that people know who we are and what we offer.

We are keen to make sure your staff/community are aware of what is involved in palliative care in order to best support those who are in this stage of their life. Our talks range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and our volunteers are happy to stay as long as you like for questions.

“When people get a terminal diagnosis the lights go out. When EPC gets involved with them I see the lights come back on. EPC are highly professional and proficient. They are experts in their field and they know exactly what they are doing.” said one GP who attended a ‘Let’s Talk’ session at his local social group.

If you would like to book a ‘Let’s Talk’ session please call us on 1300 130 813.