A gift

Our Hugmakers volunteers make beautiful quilts, rugs,  and beanies for our clients, carers, their pets and their families.  It is a practical way of showing them that we care and reminding them that they are not alone.

This gift has moved many clients, some of whom have never had anything hand made just for them before.

If you are someone who enjoys making things, especially when they are going to warm someone who is doing it tough, then this might be the role for you.

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  • Hugmakers Testimonials

    I gave the beautiful blanket to my client and she absolutely loved it. I don’t believe anyone has ever handmade her anything, so she seemed really chuffed about being given this. She fell asleep on top of the bed and I covered her with the blanket and when I went to check on her a little later, I noticed she had it pulled up around her neck and was holding on to it.

    EPC Volunteer