‘When people get a terminal diagnosis the lights go out. When EPC get involved with them I see the lights come back on.’

So said one GP who attended an talk by an EPC Ambassador at his local social group. He went on to say ‘EPC are highly professional and proficient. They are experts in their field and they know exactly what they are doing.’

“EPC saved our family” said another attendee.

We are passionate about getting the work of Palliative Care known within our community.

The conversation about death is not an easy one to have, and most of us live every day without even acknowledging this part of life.

Our 10 highly skilled volunteers who work in the Community Speakers Program use a presentation that is designed to break the myths that surround palliative care.

It is also designed to spread a message of hope, living and ongoing connections.  If you have a particular interest, we may also be able to tailor our talk to your needs.

No group is too big or too small.

If you would like to book one of our skilled presenters please call us on 1300 130 813.