August 29,2020

Newsletter – Issue 3 – [September 2020]

As I write this update the crisis in Victoria is broadening and causing some stress...

May 18,2020

Newsletter – Issue 2 [June 2020]

Everyone knows and understands that our work is very difficult at the moment. Clients and...

February 26,2020

Newsletter – Issue 1 [March 2020]

Welcome to our Events edition of EPC News. We have an exciting year of events...

November 28,2019

Newsletter – Issue 4 [December 2019]

Welcome to our Christmas edition! Click here for the full Newsletter

August 28,2019

Newsletter – Issue 3 [September 2019]

Welcome to our self-care edition. It's so important to take good care of your body,...

May 30,2019

Newsletter – Issue 2 [June 2019]

We celebrated National Palliative Care Week from 19th-25th May. As an annual event, this special...

March 28,2019

Newsletter – Issue 1 [March 2019]

Welcome to 2019 – another year that promises to be exciting for EPC. We have...

January 24,2019

Newsletter – Issue 4 [December 2018]

Welcome to another EPC News! In this issue, we focus on our fundraising efforts and...

October 26,2018

Newsletter – Issue 2 [June 2018]

Behind the Scenes. In every leading organisation, with an on-the-road workforce doing important work every...

March 22,2018

Newsletter – [September 2018]

My Life at EPC by Peter Gurr For me, it all begin back in 1996...