Newsletter – Issue 4 [December 2018]

Welcome to another EPC News! In this issue, we focus on our fundraising efforts and the challenges EPC face to support our palliative care community. Although mainly Government funded, this alone is not enough to sustain the high level of support provided. As a result, fundraising is always high on my priority list. Each year, our funding is set. It does not vary with rising client numbers (up by 10% in the last 12 months!). As we don’t have a waiting list, EPC will accept your referral if and when you need us. This is where EPC fundraising, donations and bequests become our lifeline. This ensures extra staff are available to cater to varying client needs with every fundraising dollar used to support the care of clients and families in ways our DHHS Grant cannot cover. Fundraising helps us to provide the additional support services which set EPC above other palliative care organisations. Unique initiatives include our award winning Client Biography and in-home Volunteer Programs. We are also one of the few organisations to offer bereavement support to families and carers for up to 13 months following the death of an EPC client. Your generosity makes a real difference. Thank you for supporting EPC.


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