Newsletter – Issue 2 [June 2018]

Behind the Scenes.

In every leading organisation, with an on-the-road workforce doing important work every day, there is inevitably a support force running in the background. At EPC, this is the Corporate Services Team. Most of you will already know Sally, our long serving smiling face of the organisation [officially our CIP or Central Information Point]. She is often the person you speak with when you call and who will take care of all the day-to-day activities. Supporting our CEO, Lorna has the daily challenge of ensuring that Jeanette [CEO] has everything she needs to manage our growing and diverse team. Our IT crew – Seb, Asseeb & Peter – take care of all things techie. Their expertise ensures they have information at their fingertips to keep our systems up and running efficiently [a job easily taken for granted]. Drey, our PalCare Administrator, manages our database at optimum level so that all staff have client information instantly on hand. A crucial tool for those on the road who need quick access to up-to-date client information. And then there’s Anita in Payroll and Lauren in Accounts, who have the critical task of keeping both our creditors and staff happy on a daily basis. Roslyn, Sarah and Emily are all about community engagement, communications and fundraising. The team is responsible for the way EPC is presented including the newsletter, website, Facebook, intranet, events and our new logo! They manage all donations, bequests, grants, ‘in lieu of flowers’ requests and put the ‘fun’ into fundraising for EPC! If it’s learning and development that you need to perform at your highest, Kate is your go-to. EPC staff are highly trained and keep upto-date with the latest education relevant to their field. All of the above are supported by the EPC Senior Management Team, working together to ensure that our Vision, Mission and Strategy objectives are met. This team, along with all of the staff and volunteers, are held together by the glue that is our CEO, Jeanette Moody who says, ‘It is a joy to work for such an inclusive and progressive organisation’.


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